The Crane Lab

Engineering nanomaterials for energy and computing

 Our goal is to bridge the gap between nanomaterials synthesis and functional devices. We believe that progress at the intersection of colloidal nanomaterials and in situ ultrafast spectroscopy will address critical problems in global energy production and next-generation computing.

Welcome! The Crane Lab is an interdisciplinary research group in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines.


April 2024: Brody wins 2nd place at the Mines-wide Graduate Research and Discovery Symposium (GRADS)! Brandon publishes the group's first paper in collaboration with the Packard lab at Mines!

January 2024: Lauren Cisneros has a great month: she joins the group, crushes her qualifying exam, and wins an NSF Quantum Engineering NRT Fellowship!

November 2023: Brandon and Sara did an outstanding job on their PhD Thesis Proposal exams and are now officially PhD candidates!

October 2023: Matthew is incredibly honored to be selected as 35 under 35 in Chemical & Materials by AIChE!

August 2023: Brody joins the group to figure out how ion transport and phase transitions in metal-halide perovskite thin films can yield efficient computing devices.

March 2023: Brandon wins a NSF Quantum Engineering NRT Fellowship - so interdisciplinary!

January 2023: Jessica decimates her qualifying exam and joins the Crane Lab!

December 2022: We can pay the bills! NSF CMMI funds the group to develop new technologies to integrate colloidal nanomaterials into devices for quantum applications.

August 2022: Cade joins the group to figure out how light can influence nanomaterial growth. More importantly, Cade and Maggie both win MURF fellowships!

April 2022: Lauren and Maggie join the group with visions of heat transfer and CO2 reduction in their eyes.

February 2022: The group sets up shop at the national renewable energy lab!

January 2022: Brandon and Sara crushed their qualifying exams and join the Crane Lab!

January 2022: The Crane Lab has arrived in Colorado!